What Is The Most Effective Method Of Ship Protection?

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What Is The Most Effective Method Of Ship Protection?


Maritime security is an area of increasing importance in the world today. The number of piracy attacks has declined, but there is still a need to be careful when entering these waters. Ship owners and crews must be aware of the risks they face and implement the appropriate measures. If you are into merchant shipping security, contact on this number.

Create a physical barrier on the ship

Create a physical barrier on the ship to prevent pirates from climbing aboard. A simple, inexpensive, and relatively effective measure is razor wire. However, this system can also lead to personal injury. Other precautions include lighting up the deck in the dark and providing searchlights ready for use in the event of an attack.

It would help if you constructed a citadel

A well-constructed citadel is an ideal location for the crew to retreat to in the event of an attack. This area should be designed to withstand forced entry and provide adequate food, communications, and a way of escaping in an emergency. It should be equipped with two-way communication equipment and water spray monitors.

Implement a vessel hardening plan

Another effective attack prevention method is implementing a vessel hardening plan (VHP). This plan will help your ship prepare for operations in areas with increased threat levels. This will include thoroughly reviewing your ship’s security system and procedures. You can also make other alterations to your ship to improve its safety.

Identify ship protection measures

Identify ship protection measures (SPM) that you will need during your voyage planning process. These will significantly increase your chances of surviving an attack by pirates. You should ensure that these SPMs are marked on your VHP.

Provide crews with information on piracy and robbery alarms

If possible, provide crews with information on piracy and robbery alarms. In addition, have a reliable ship’s alarm system and keep it up to date. This will ensure that your crew knows what to do when they hear a piracy or robbery alarm. You should also review your ship’s emergency communication plan, which should be permanently displayed near all external communication stations.

The maritime industry faces various physical security threats, including piracy, illegal trafficking of people and goods, and robbery. Crews must be prepared to deal with such dangers and be properly trained. They should also know the various techniques used to deter an attack.