An Explanation Of The Various Types Of Indoor Lighting 

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An Explanation Of The Various Types Of Indoor Lighting 


Indoor lighting fixtures can come in many shapes and styles. Their basic function is to hold a light source and give off directed light while avoiding glare. But some are more than just functional, serving as works of art. These fixtures can be made of nearly any material, resist excess heat and conform to safety codes. If you are considering installing indoor lighting in Dubai, the following information will be helpful for you.

Direct-to-ceiling (DTC) lights:

When installing Direct-to-ceiling (DTC) indoor lights, you should first understand how the lights will be placed in the ceiling. Unlike conventional lights, which take up more space in the ceiling, Direct-to-ceiling (DTC) lights are not restricted by joist spacing. To get the best coverage, it’s important to space the lights evenly.


Understanding the downlights’ proper layout and placement is essential to achieving the desired look and feel. Place them alone or in pairs to highlight a particular feature or place, or use multiples to illuminate the entire room. The ideal downlight placement for your room will depend on the space it will illuminate and the number of lights you use.


One of the most important things to remember when choosing a pendant light is its placement. You want to ensure that the light is centered over the whole island and not blocking the ceiling or joists. Also, if possible, install the pendant close to the center of the room.

Pendants can be a great solution for task lighting over your kitchen countertop, and they can also serve as an attractive design element. For best lighting results, hang them between 28 and 34 inches off the floor. You can also hang them over the peninsula, but ensure that the pendant is high enough that people standing there don’t stare into them.

Track lights:

Indoor light placement is a critical aspect of track lighting. Whether you are installing track lighting in a bathroom, hallway, or kitchen, there are a few key things you must know before installing one. The first tip is to ensure that the track lighting is level and not obstructed by walls or furniture. Another important tip is to keep the track head four to six inches below the ceiling height. This will prevent damage to your artwork.