What Are High PR Backlinks?

What is pagerank? When you hear of the term high PR backlinks, what is meant is high pagerank backlinks. Pagerank is a term that Google uses to rate the quality of a site. A quality or authority site, mostly gets it’s high PR because it has great content, but also a large number of backlinks. These backlinks count as votes for that site, the more votes a site has, the more authority(or pagerank) it will get from Google. This makes it sound as if it is an easy process, just get 2000 links and you’re done, I’m afraid there is a little bit more to it then just the number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Backlinks aren’t created equal. The best backlink that you can have comes from a site that has a higher PR then yours. The pageranks start from 0 to 10, 0 being low and 10 being the highest. So when you get a backlink from a PR 0 site, it hasn’t got as much authority as a backlink from a PR 5 site. For example, a hundred PR 0 links, can have the same authority as let’s say 2 PR 5 links. This is an estimate, I don’t have the exact numbers but I think you get the idea. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need low PR links, you do because it doesn’t look natural to Google when you only have high PR backlinks pointing at your site. Every site has low PR backlinks so do count them in when you’re doing your linkbuilding. A natural backlink network looks like a pyramid, lots of low PR links on the bottom and then working your way up to higher PRs but lower numbers of them. For example it should have 1000 PR 0 links, 800 PR1, 500 PR2, 200 PR3, 50 PR4, 15 PR 5 and so on. 구글상위노출

High PR backlinks are hard to get, especially the ones that come from sites related to your niche. They don’t have to be related but if you can get a backlink from a high authority related blog it’s always a good quality backlink. When you’re aiming at a higher PR building more quality links to your site, don’t expect that your site will immediately get a higher PR. Google updates their PR only a few times a year. Your site will already have the higher authority, Google just doesn’t let everyone to know about it yet.

Do high PR backlinks result in a higher search engine ranking? This is a tough question to answer. It is partly true, but your ranking in the search engines depends on more factors then just the PR of your site. Your content has to be relevant to your targeted keywords, you need to have your site well optimized for your keywords and so on. I know from experience that high PR backlinks do in general improve your rankings but it doesn’t guarantee that it will rank on the first page of Google.



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