File Naming For Idiots, Voice Actors, Musicians and Artists

Before you attach that file and hit send… Stop and Think!
Think about File Naming Convention. File what?

Okay, you’re a Voice Actor with a great demo mp3 you need to email to a prospective client or maybe you’re a Musician with a killer song mp3 you want to email to an industry pro. Perhaps you’re an Agent with an awesome media kit in pdf format you want to email to a major venue on behalf of your artist or you might be a Photographer with a stunning photo in jpg format you want to email to a publisher.

In the business world, everyone is swamped with email and media professionals receive hundreds of emails with attachments. So, before you email an attachment to someone, take a moment and think about the File Name and how the end user will handle and manage your file once it hits their inbox.

Imagine receiving 20, 30, 40 or more different attachments every day or week and saving them all on your PC. A busy professional may not have time to review your attachment the minute it’s received, and may wait a day or even a week to listen to your mp3 or view your pdf or jpg. So, it’s very important to give your file a name that clearly identifies it. Here’s three bad examples of file attachments I received yesterday; Mark Hauser

DS1301.jpg – Track 01.mp3 – MediaKit08.pdf

Once these attachment files end up in your inbox or a folder on your PC, could you tell who sent them and what they are? No, I didn’t think so. The folks who sent them, didn’t give much thought or consideration to File Naming Convention.

Imagine what it looks like when a busy person opens their attachment directory and your file is mixed in with 50 other poorly named files? Now, wouldn’t it be better if…

DS1301.jpg had the name BeefStewCDArt.jpg
Track 01.mp3 had the name Muffin-Top_If-Only-You-Knew.mp3
MediaKit08.pdf had the name NextAmericanIdol_MediaKit2008

Much better don’t you think? If you wrote a book, would you name it BK129? Would your name your child RS4500? No, of course you wouldn’t. So, name your attachment files exactly what they are. With proper names, files are easy to identify and manage.



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