4 Types of Quartz Countertops to Consider For Your Home

When it comes to updating the look, feel and function of your kitchen, there’s no better way to get the job done than installing new countertops. Though granite has traditionally held the position as the go-to material for great-looking countertops, quartz countertops in John’s Creek are quickly catching up in popularity. The countertops are highly-heat resistant, hard enough to withstand scratches and scrapes, and offer a beautiful shine unlike any other. However, there are several different types of quarts counters, each with their own benefits to consider. Some of the most popular options include: cambridge countertops


Silestone embraces the natural appearance and coloration of quartz to create a very natural-looking countertop. It’s treated and cut to embrace the full, earthy appearance of the quartz materials, and is set apart by its bacteriostatic properties, which prevent bacterial growth from food and spills to make it the most hygienic option.


This is the most non-porous quartz option. Because it doesn’t absorb liquid, it doesn’t stain and doesn’t need treating – ever. That’s because it’s composed of an astounding 93% natural quartz, which is strong and unabsorbent by nature. Cleaning tends to be simple with this type of stone, and the lack of treatment can lead to interesting textured effects.


Cambria is by and large the most popular option for quartz countertops in John’s Creek, and for good reason. This natural material is great for not only counters, but also floors, bars, showers and much, much more. That’s because, like most other quartz creations, it’s non-porous and simple to clean, heat-resistant and more durable than most other materials. It’s more or less a maintenance-free option for upgrades all around your home.


More hygienic and less porous than granite, these sleek, beautiful stones don’t require treatments or sealing to keep them looking and working great over the years. This type of stone tends to have a smoother, more simplistic look and feel than other types of quartz, making it all-around valuable as a design asset in any space.

Each and every one of these countertops is made from quartz materials, so you know you’ll be getting the best new countertops available. However, each has something different to offer your kitchen space in terms of style and maintenance, so it’s always important to consider your available options closely before making your final decision. Speaking to the professionals about quartz countertops in John’s Creek can help you assess your needs and find your perfect match in no time.

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