Uses of QR Codes in Business – Drive More Visitors Towards Your Website

A solid leads generation system is a MUST for those of us in the online network marketing world. But it can also be a confusing process if you are a newbie. But it doesn’t take much online network marketing experience before you realize that storing your contacts in Outlook, or worse, on paper, just isn’t going to cut it.

One of the difficulties in finding a good leads generation system is the mis-use of the word “system” out there. Some people are selling what they call systems, but when it comes down to it they just refer you to three or four unique software solutions and leave you to run your business as best you can with separate software packages that don’t communicate with each other. QR Code scanner

Here’s the list of features I personally want in a leads generation system:

1. An Auto-Responder. This is a simple e-mail messaging system that will send e-mails to anybody that visits your web-site.

2. A Lead Management System. This is an area where you can “drill deep” with an individual contact, collecting additional info such as cell phone, additional e-mails, etc, plus taking notes on the prospect and categorizing them, for example noting whether they are a “hot prospect” or just somebody that remains on your “drip file.”

3. Lead capture web-sites. Your system should include web-sites designed to capture leads, and automatically import them into your system and start sending follow up e-mails. The site should offer something the prospect wants, such as a free report, e-book, or special offer.

4. Marketing tools. A good lead capture system should also have marketing tools. Things like banner ads, form code generators (so you can add code to any of your web-sties that will capture leads into your system). It should also allow you to send out e-mail “blasts” to your prospects, so you can advertise webinars, special offers, or affiliate programs on demand.

5. Training. The last thing a good system should have is a training section that teaches you two things, how to use the system, and how to generate leads.

Once you have those five elements in place you have a one stop, powerful system that will churn out fresh, real time leads every single day if you just plug in and use it!


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