Short Video Equals Big Rewards

I have recently found a new best friend – YouTube. I look at videos on the internet to solve all of my latest questions. I need to know about a new product, I will look up some reviews or testimonial videos on YouTube. I need to know how to fix something, I will look it up on the internet. I need to learn about how to use some new software, I look it up online. I decided that I enjoy watching videos rather than just reading about it. buy TikTok followers UK

First of all, it’s really easy and secondly because it involves more of the senses than just reading. When you watch a video you can see it, hear it, and sometimes you can actually do it with them. Advertisers picked up on this a long time ago with commercials. For decades now, TV has been flooded with commercials advertising all kinds of different products and companies. So I thought, if the commercials work so well on TV, why not try it on the Internet? Brilliant right? OK, so I know I’m not the first to discover this trick, but if you think about it is a good idea. And if you are producing commercials or videos for a certain product or company, why not use them for affiliate marketing while you’re at it? So now that we have decided to produce a video, what kind of video should we make?

I have a list with a few ideas of where to start. This is an incomplete list because the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity and resources. Whatever you think is the best format for your product. – Viral videos – Product demos – FAQs – Sales Kits – Training guides – Interviews – Affiliate and JV partner mailings – Video press releases – Fund-raising programs – Virtual tours – Real estate demos – Testimonials instructional videos Even making a short 30 second video can take quite a bit of preparation and time in actually filming and editing. But after the effort comes the reward. Let’s say you just created a 30 second instructional video about safety. At the end of the video you could put a reference for a locksmith, and how they can help you stay safe with their new deadbolt lock system. The viewer just watched an informative video about safety and now they’ll be encouraged to go to that locksmith and buy their products because they trust what they just saw.

Trust is key in a video, since the viewer can both see and hear video, their ability to discern goes up, so you have to come across trustworthy. Don’t be dishonest, just be truthful. And that’s it. You now have free advertising via Your video and potential customers seeing your video everyday. So get out there and start making your videos and share your business with the world. Short videos, YouTube and a big reward is your new ticket to success!

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