Retro Games That Would be Fun to Play on Current Gen Consoles


Playing PC games online has been a favorite pass time for millions since decades. For many like these and other enthusiasts, that anticipated moment in the fast evolving gaming industry is here with new gen consoles hitting the market. You have to listen to the experts as to why these consoles steal the march over their predecessors. The advantage with PC compatible versions was that you could sit back and pre-order games online without having to worry about getting a new console every time.

Arena Boost, How many of us remember games that went viral in the years to follow after the 80s? So if you are a retro-gamer or have enjoyed gaming in the past, a whole new playfield is emerging in front of you with a number of new gaming consoles to bring classic or old school gaming back into your life. You cannot but take notice of the Super Retro Trio if you really find it difficult to get rid of your old passion. This is an amazing platform that runs all original Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis series and all with the use of an adapter. Look out for its launch in a new avatar, coming up later this month.

All about retros

Retros are earlier versions of video games played on PCs, gaming consoles or arcades using either the original hardware or via emulation through connectivity ports. How can one forget the time after the 1980’s when a large number of retro games were produced? Let us just discuss as to what made the classic era so special and why it still holds people’s imagination so if you are yet to buy play station 3 or PS4, read on. Many old timers also feel that everyone is so busy these days that you do not have much spare time to get familiar with get addicted to new versions like the X Box series that comes with two games, two controllers and an online subscription. In short, besides finding the time, you need to find the cash too to go along for the ride and the cost pinches.

Wishing for the good old times

Perhaps the best thing about the good old retros was that there was no loading time. Today, logging on and starting up could be a nightmare. There is a reason for you to love your old darlings like the Tecmo Super Bowl or the Final Fantasy that give you near instant starts. Let us face it, barring perhaps the short battery life, retro games provided more entertainment and gave you multiple options but today you are restricted to options given by the producers. Retros are making their way back in big time. One can find the old classics on literally every new console that hits the market. All those die-hard classic gamers need rejoice; retro gaming is not vanishing anywhere soon and promises to be even more fun on current generation consoles.So, buy ps4 or other exciting consoles and play your favorite retro games heart-out.

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