Maxell Audio Tapes And Their Long Life

Since the 1980’s people have been using Maxell audio tapes for making tapes for their loved ones and their close friends and relatives. These tapes contained a sample of songs that were indeed romantic to say the least and were clear in making their intent for love loud and clear. These tapes were also used to convey angst and were targeted towards a particular group of people.

We raised the mix tape to something like an art form. Those of us unable to express our feelings toward a crush, or a friend, or someone else important to us were able to create a mix tape allowing others to sing the words we could never say. The “artist” could thus shed his inhibitions by letting other do his talking for him.

Maxell audio tapes were a favorite because their jackets, or the cards where mixed tape makers could write the songs included on the tape, folded out to offer more space. Additionally, Maxell provided several labels for the cassette tape in case one made a mistake while writing. adhesive tape manufacturer 

Maxell made their audio tapes with thinner cases than other tape manufacturers did. This was so that customers could keep more of them in smaller spaces. They could easily fit into pockets, so that they could be passed from the mixer to the intended listener with ease.

The Maxell brand of audio cassettes developed a strong reputation for durability. This was important given the short lifetimes of new brands of audio cassettes. Some tapes lost their sound quality in a matter of just a few months. In addition, most tapes’ lives were shortened by exposure to warm temperatures and direct light.

Day by day it has been increasingly difficult to find working cassette players with the advent of CD players. Ironically, one can find several mixed tapes made on Maxell cassettes in the early 1980s, which work very well. The resurgence of cassette players similar to record players will happen when the people want to replay mixed tapes.

In the 1980s the rage was to make mixed tapes for friends and loved ones. Three main brands were Maxell audio tapes [http://www.e-audiotapes.com/], TDK cassette tapes, and Fuji audio tapes [http://www.e-audiotapes.com/], but Maxell became the preferred brand. Its expandable fold-out jacket size, complementary extra jackets, thinner tape size to allow for easier storage and portability, and durability marked it as the favorite brand to record on. Many of these tapes from the 80s are still in working order, and as long as there are cassette tapes and players, fans will love to hear them. So why not check out some old tapes sometime for fun!


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