Learn How to Clean a Wicker Basket

Do you have a few wicker baskets sitting around your home? Periodically it becomes necessary to clean your wicker baskets to keep them looking fresh and new. Wicker is typically made of rattan, which is basically a solid timber vine that prefers to grow in tropical rain forests. The intricate weaving of wicker often collects dust, leaving it looking a little dirty and dull. It is also has a stained, painted, or natural surface, so to avoid damaging your wicker while cleaning it, it is important to read this information carefully. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

The first thing that you will need to do is gather up all of the wicker baskets in use for storing your household items. If they contain washable liners, these can be taken out at this point and placed in a conventional washer and dryer to be cleaned.

Next, you will want to place the baskets in a contained space for cleaning with a garden hose, such as a yard or a large shower if you live in an apartment. Start cleaning by gently rinsing the wicker baskets with a hose to remove the dust, dirt, and debris that may have gathered on them while storing your things. Do not use a high pressure hose or spray nozzle as this can damage the paint and possibly the structure of your wicker. Some pressure is fine; if the spray feels comfortable on your hand, it is probably okay for your basket.

Make a bucket of warm water and gentle soap solution with which to wash your wicker basket. You will also need a soft sponge so that you will not damage the wicker material. Do not use coarse scrubbies for this task; it will most likely damage your wicker. Also, be sure not to apply too much pressure or you will risk splintering the wood. If your wicker baskets are painted, you also do not want to take the chance of washing away the paint by scrubbing too hard.

Finally, rinse the soap away and let the wicker storage basket dry for a few hours. Since it is an absorbent material, it may take several hours to dry completely. You may want to let them sit overnight in a covered area to ensure that they will not be wet when you bring them back into the house.


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