Happy New Year!

“Happy New Year” is a common phrase used every year to represent a “new beginning”. This year it is 2012 that symbolizes a fresh start for everyone. There is always something great about the start of a year because it stands for challenge, hope, planning and the ability to “make things happen”.

Running a successful business is not easy. It involves planning, organization, being prepared for the unprepared, and remaining on-top of an unpredictable environment. It involves predicting trends, taking risks, and drawing conclusions about situations where the outcome may not be so clear-cut. Here are a few critical elements for any company that wants to survive the erratic environment of the business world, prosper and succeed into the future. visit:-happynewyear2022status.com

Business success is reliant upon watching the market and planning the right moves at the right time. Working in any niche business requires a firm understanding of the needs, and the flexibility to change and adapt in order to accommodate those requirements. Marching in the wrong direction is costly. Yet, jumping in front of the pack without weighing all of the factors of doing so can be equally detrimental. This is a fine line that must be walked.

It is always best to scope out the landscape, assess long-term industry goals and act at the appropriate time. Although quantity often means quicker revenues, all cost considerations and long-term profitability and stability needs to be assessed. Quick delivery may mean lower quality. Lower quality represents re-engineering and replacement. This greatly affects cost and future revenue because of the injury to reputation. For long-term sustainability it is sometimes better to go at a slower but forward-thinking pace.

The customer is number one. Nothing is more important. Treat customers better than well. Give more than what is expected. High quality product combined with superior service and an understanding of customer needs puts a company in a position of long-term balance and stability. This posture deliberately generates a steady stream of revenue, growth and profitability. Stay personal. People want to talk to people.

Be innovative. Think beyond the box. Be different. Steve Jobs once said “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” Stay ahead of the curve; create something that will service customer’s needs before they realize they actually need it. Whatever you sell, always keep making it better. It’s costly but the cost of not doing so is greater.

Stay close to your customers. Find out how they are using your products. Ask questions about what could improve their experience. Encourage customers to provide ideas and yes even complaints. Take a “hear it first” approach. If someone is unhappy you want to know. Every concern is valid. Many times it is just a misunderstanding about how something works. Learn everything you can about your customers.

Don’t nickel and dime. Sometimes you have real costs and are not able to give out a free-bee. Other times you can give something either at a discount or at no charge. If you have a long-term steady paying customer that is totally low maintenance try to do something for them. Perhaps offer some free training classes or advice that will allow them to use your product more effectively. Stay in touch.

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