November 27, 2022

Types Of CCTV Accessories And Cables

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Types Of CCTV Accessories And Cables


CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a type of surveillance system that uses video cameras to transmit a signal. The signal is then displayed on a series of monitors. This system helps keep people, buildings, and properties safe. It also helps prevent crime. If you are installing CCTV surveillance systems at home, here is a list of accessories and cables you should buy for the installation. However, for installation, hire the best CCTV solutions companies in Dubai.

RG59 Siamese cable:

The RG-59 Siamese cable is best for installing a CCTV security camera system. It combines video and power wires in one cable, saving you time and money. This cable consists of a solid bare copper center conductor surrounded by two layers of 18/2 power wire and a black & red HDPE insulation jacket. It is RoHS-compliant and UL-listed.

Finolex CCTV cables:

Finolex is a leading manufacturer of CCTV cables and wiring systems. Its CCTV cables combine the advantages of electrical and communication wires. Its hybrid cables feature low weight and low loss during signal transmission. The company also offers several eco-friendly options.

Ethernet cables:

Ethernet cables for CCTV accessories come in many shapes and sizes, with many different types. These cables can perform dual functions, such as transmitting video feed and power to the camera. They can also be shielded to block interference. Siamese cables are also available in bulk, ideal for security systems requiring more protection from outside sources.

Sprinkler pipe:

A sprinkler pipe is a conduit that can be buried in a structure. These conduits are available in several sizes, from a quarter to a four-inch diameter. They are typically buried with a 2% slope, which helps prevent heat buildup and allows for future expansion. Despite the low current demands of CCTV, pipes with high current conductors should be buried with a slope so that the condensate can be drained away.

Twisted pair cables:

Twisted pair cables are cables that are used to connect closed-circuit television cameras. They come in various gauges and thicknesses. Thicker cables can carry more signals over longer distances, but they also tend to suffer from crosstalk. There are different types of twisted pair cables for different types of cameras.

BNC compression connectors:

BNC compression connectors are excellent for connecting CCTV accessories and cables. These are essentially two-pc-style connectors that snap into place for a secure connection. These connectors are commonly used in recording studios and video surveillance applications.