Cheap Chicken House – Build a Cheap Chicken Coop

So you want to become a chicken breeder, but you have a very tight budget and no idea where to save some additional bucks during the construction process? Truth be told, you can build your own cheap chicken house for less than half the price of the commercially available. If you have enough motivation and cunning, the cost to build cheap chicken coop may be just a pack of nails and your time.

Obviously, if you want to save money on your chicken house, you need to search for cheaper alternatives to expensive materials. Of course never make price the determining factor in your project, quality is the king. Becoming too concerned about the price of your coop will harm you in the long run, when what you have done begins to rot or fall apart.

Start from the ground

One of the biggest costs you will face while trying to build a chicken house is finding a land that is even enough, to support your chicken house construction. It is a matter of utmost importance as building on undulated ground will cause your construction to get crooked with time. house building materials 

If you can’t find terrain that would be sufficiently even, you can do two things. You can either outsource the task by paying someone that will do it for you or, finish the task by yourself. If you decide that you are capable of doing modifications of that caliber, keep in mind that it is much harder to make the ground even than it is to fill up holes.

Choose the materials wisely

Materials are the next point on your list of things to cut back. If you fail to do a good job, choosing the right merchant and finding cheaper alternatives to higher shelve wood, you can spend your entire budget just on that.

It is always a good idea to look around and ask some people if they don’t have spare parts of wood that would be good to build a chicken house. What you will find is that many of your neighbors will be more than happy to get rid of wood that crumps up their space.

Build your windows intelligently

Supplying your chickens with enough light should be a major concern of yours. In order to function properly and lay many eggs, your flock requires 14 hours of sunlight every day. This can be either done by intelligently placing windows inside your chicken coop or installing electrical light. The second option as you may suspect is a decision that will generate bill month after month.



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