Can Complete Skateboards Be A Solution To Child Obesity?

Can complete skateboards really help a child or even an adult be healthier and more fit in life? Is there proof that skateboards can help kids, teens, and even adults stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Can teachers really make a difference by introducing complete skateboards to kids at schools? With the obesity rate of children at twenty percent and rising, do parents have a chance to make a difference or is it too late? These are just some of the questions that we will answer regarding the effects complete skateboards, schools, and parents could have on the fight against child obesity.

Riding skateboards have proven to help children, teens, and even adults stay healthier, both physically and mentally. The proof is on neighborhood streets, local skate parks, even at your states skateboard competitions. If you notice when you see a skater or a kid riding a complete skateboard you will notice how healthy and fit they really are. That is the physical proof that riding a skateboard does help burn calories and build muscle. Did you know that riding one for one hour constantly actually burns four hundred and thirty calories? In fact performing skateboard tricks on a skateboard can even be healthier mentally. When a kid learns to ride a complete skateboard and then starts to learn skateboard tricks, it makes their self-esteem go way up. As a result, they actually accomplish something and feel good about it. Lets face it skateboarding is a way for kids to get quality exercise and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Some schools have started to include skateboards as part of their physical education programs as a way to fight obesity. Riding skateboards in P.E. are helping kids get healthier all around the world. Teachers are stepping up and realizing that complete skateboards do make a huge difference in a child’s health. There is a company called Skate pass that is joining with schools all over the world. They are showing kids, teachers, and parents that riding complete skateboards help burn calories, increases heart rate, and builds quality muscle in the legs, arms and cardiovascular system. Schools have even noticed that when kids got involved in riding complete skateboards in P.E. that they could not wait to go back to school the next day. This in turn has improved school attendance and school truancy. With video games keeping kids indoors for hours in a day, and child obesity more than tripling in the last thirty years, I believe this is a sign from all kids that riding skateboards fills a craving that has been inside of them for many years.

Parents are the biggest link to the success of bringing our countries child obesity rates down from the twenty percent it is at right now. Even the first lady of the United States of America is setting a goal of bringing that twenty percent down to five percent. The first lady and teachers cannot do it alone. Parents must get more involved with their kids. In fact, they need to make sure that their kids drink more milk and water instead of sodas and Gatorade and eat more fruits and veggies instead of chips and cookies. If parents were to get more involved with their children, by investing in a couple of skateboards, this would not only help them be healthier but it would bring them much closer together as a family. With the world these days, being so fast paced parents must realize that their kids just want attention from them. Furthermore, they just want to be recognized and maybe praised occasionally. electric skateboard with remote control

Everyone in the U.S. and many other countries understand that we have a major problem with our kids when it comes to obesity. It is important to realize that child obesity can be beat with parents, schools, and complete skateboards coming together. The proof that riding skateboards does keep kids, teens, and adults fit, is all around us every day. Complete skateboards are not that expensive, especially for what it can do for your child’s future in being healthy and fit. In fact, for the price of two popular video games you can buy a brand new name brand complete skateboard and still have money left over to spend on skateboard protective gear. In conclusion, the best thing parents can do right now to get their kids or even themselves healthier and fit is to invest in a skateboard or two and get involved with their child or teen. I believe that parents can find one hour every day in their busy lifestyle to go outside with their child and practice riding one together. A loving parent and a complete skateboard can and will make a difference, not only with a child that is obese, but with any child period.

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